September Moon Cupcakery

Making your events tastier!

September Moon Cupcakery is a home-based bakery that creates unique cupcakes, cookies, and mini-cakes for special moments and celebrations.


Life is so much better with cupcakes. cookies. sprinkles. frosting.

Meet Cara

Sprinkles. Brad Pitt. Cupcakes.

I have been baking for the Wichita community since 2014. While originally from KC, I met my husband (who is not Brad Pitt, but will do until Brad comes calling) while attending Kansas State. I was a marriage and family therapist but left the field two years after having my son to launch SMC. Living that best stay-at-home-baker life.

Working with people has always been a light, and using those talents to connect with clients on creating beautiful custom treats fills my days with so much sweet joy.

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